Number of players: 2-5 people / Time of the game: 60 minutes / Location: Vienna / Ticket price: 18-25€ per person

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The Rules and Regulations apply to services offered by Open The Door in Alser Straße 27/4+5 1080 Vienna, Austria.


The users are encouraged to read the rules given here during the reservation process on the homepage of and before the reservation.

A reservation is obligatory to participate in the game. The reservation also entitles you to claim all services provided by Open The Door in accordance with the regulations and the applicable law.

The person who makes the booking is responsible to pass the information about the rules and regulations listed here, to the other players of the team.

The number of participants for a game is limited to 2-5 persons.

Participants have to be at least 15 years old to play alone. Children should be accompanied by an adult, if they are under 15. Exceptions need to be confirmed by Open The Door team.

The active playing time is one hour.

The team is asked to arrive 15 minutes before the game starts to receive a short introduction from Open The Door team.

Participants with an epileptic illness should inform the open the door team about their disease before the game and get information if the activity is suitable. Open The Door is not responsible for any incidents.

During the game it is not allowed to use mobile phones or other audio and video equipment. No photos/videos may be taken inside the rooms.

The respectful use of the playing area is the responsibility of the players. Any damage caused by participants must therefore be reimbursed.

Smoking, consumption of alcohol, and the use of illegal drugs on the Open the door premises is prohibited. Entering our attraction under the use of illegal drugs or consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

Carrying sharp and dangerous items or other hazardous substances on the premises is prohibited.

Each person is responsible for their own safety - you use the playing area at your own risk. Parents are responsible for their children’s action.

In case of violation of the listed rules or defiance of instructions by the team of Open The Door, an exclusion from the game can take place. There is no entitlement to a refund of the entry fee. Any legal measures required are initiated.

Open The Door has the right to change the rules and conditions at any time.


Free game slots can be checked and booked online through our booking calendar at It is also possible to book a game by phone - 004369913205757, or email at [email protected]

A few minutes after the online booking, you will receive a confirmation by email (please always check the spam folder, if you did not get the confirmation). If you did not receive the confirmation please contact us to confirm your game.

Games booked at the same day the game takes place MUST be confirmed by telephone.

In case of special events there is a possibility to book games outside of the official slots on the calendar . That needs to be confirmed by Open The Door team.


It is possible to pay the game in advance by PayPal. Otherwise the payment of the game is carried out at the end of the game at the Open The Door office at Alser Straße 27/4+5 1080 Vienna. Vouchers can also be redeemed and used as a payment method.

The prices differ, according to number of players::

50€/group of 2 players (25€/player)

69€/group of 3 players (23€/player)

80€/group of 4 players (20€/player)

90€/group of 5 players (18€/player)

Extras players are possible, but have to be discussed beforehand with the Open The Door Team. The extra charge for each additional person is 10 €.

Vouchers can be purchased at Alserstrasse 27/1/5, 1080 Vienna (in that case, please let us know before!), ordered by email or paid by PayPal. The delivery takes place online by PDF, by mail or post. Online payment can be conducted on the following account:
AT92 1400 0001 1041 5354
Alser Straße 27/4+5
1080 Vienna
Please remember to add your contact details (telephone number and email address in the title of the transfer). You can find all information on the purchase of vouchers here:



Personal data provided by the user during the booking process is processed by the data administrator - Open The Door Dawid Łuszczewski Zwycięstwa 50/8 street, 44-100 Gliwice, NIP 6312619899

Administrator will processed and transfer the data in order to provide the service.

Giving personal data in the process of booking is voluntary, but necessary to receive the service. User has the right to access the data to request its change, amend, update or delete.

By accepting the rules and regulations during the booking the user agrees that the data will be processed.

The user has the right to forward a complaint in case of violation of the user's rights guaranteed by law or the rules and regulations of Open The Door. The letter of complaint should be sent to [email protected] and will be answered within 14 days.




Open The Door – Open The Door - Dawid Luszczewski doing business under the company name Open The Door Dawid Luszczewski; Address: Zwyciestwa 50/8 Street, 44-100 Gliwice; NIP 6312619899.

User - a natural person having a full legal capacity, a legal person or an organization unit not having any legal capacity, making reservation on the website or over the phone.

Terms and conditions- this document.


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