Number of players: 2-6 people Time of the game: 60/80 minutes Location: Vienna

General Info

Open The Door in Vienna is a center of fun and entertainment and offers you high quality escape the room scenarios with extraordinary decor and challenging puzzles for you and your group. The purpose of the game is to reach a sprecial goal and go forward as a team before the time is up!

How to play an escape game?

In order to succeed you have to connect related objects in the room and solve the riddles which are prepared for you inside. At first you should search precisely the whole room, look closely at each item and start to examine and analyse the clues to put them together. You will have to use your cleverness and make a use of your ‘out of the box’ thinking. Skills such as deduction, good team work and observation will help you to achieve the goal. Remember that not everything which is in the room will help you – the game is tricky and elements for distraction are also a part of the game. Step by step you will be moving forward to find the final key and hopefully at the end be able to escape.

Who can play?Exit the room game Wien

Escape the room can be played by almost everybody. Open The Door invites all of you to a different, amazing world, where you can feel like a hero, no matter the age. It is a great concept for an amusing afternoon with your family, as well as exciting evening with your friends before going for party.

Are you lacking ideas for a date with your partner? Bored of doing the same things over and over again? Open The Door is a amazing opportunity for an exciting and extraordinary time together!

Escape games are also a perfect solution for a birthday surprise. We can offer you to hide the gift which you bought before the game and the birthday person will find it inside of the room during playing.

We can also recommend the concept for computer gamers. With us you can feel like a hero of a movie or an action game. We believe that playing the game in reality will be an even better experience, especially because the themes of each scenarios are so different.

Our offer is also an interesting method to improve relationship between colleagues – our team buildings activities will push the members of the team to work together and deepen cooperation amongst each other!

History of Escape Games

Everything started with point-and-click computer games, in which you had to find and collect objects, make a use of those, and crack the codes in the room. Those actions lead you forward in the game, but the goal is the same – escape from the locked room. The idea of real-life escape games was to bring the concept forward and move the virtual world to reality. The game has spread all over the world and at the moment you can find it almost everywhere. Open The Door in Vienna is an amazing spot to experience that concept first-hand.