Number of players: 2-6 people / Time of the game: 60/80 minutes / Location: Vienna / Ticket price: 19-30€ per person
Escape room for children - birthday party -

Escape room for children - birthday party -


Are you looking for an unconventional idea for your child's birthday? Escape room is a great opportunity for an active game with friends. Intriguing scenarios and the thrill of solving riddles and the final escape from the room will stay in their memory for a long time!


Escape room for children

Puzzle rooms are excellent entertainment for children. The generation being up to date with computer games will have the opportunity to test their live performance. Objects in the room, limited time and closed doors - everything that was previously available on the computer screen, moves to reality.
The multi-threading scenario makes every group that will enter the escape room work together. The ability to play team games and exchange ideas for a solution will be necessary to get out of it. Escape room, in contrast to other popular pastimes (bowling, paintball) teaches action with each other and communication. It does not focus on ubiquitous rivalry between individuals, but teaches communication that will be useful in the future.

Birthday in Escape Room

Organizing a birthday in an escape room is a great idea to spend time with friends. The pursuit of a common goal will activate the sense of mission and focus entirely on the game. Children and teenagers can choose from a range of scenarios inspired by popular films and cartoons, which makes the fun much more fun. The necessity to act under time pressure and the slightly dark scenery increases the excitement of the whole game. Freeing ahead of time, and trying to break the record of a particular room become the goal of a pack of friends.

In the case of a birthday party, you can ask the staff to place a gift in the final phase of the game, so that it will award the final prize for the child. It is worth noting that during the whole game, the watchful eye of an observer watches over the children, who not only sees what is happening in the room, but also hears. Thanks to the mounted cameras, it also has the ability to provide additional hints when the group gets stuck. Thanks to a small hint, you can go smoothly to continue solving puzzles. Memories will be immortalized in photos, and you will be able to come back to an exciting experience even after many years!

Before organizing a birthday party in escape room

Before you make the final decision to organize a birthday party in the escape room, please contact our staff. The key issue is age limitations of participants. As agreed, children enter alone or with a guardian. At the beginning, it is worth to inform about the number of birthday guests, in order to select the scenarios that can be played. Then you will be able to think about the possible separation of guests into smaller groups of participants. Now there is a choice of an escape room with a level of difficulty suitable for children. Remember that an unforgettable birthday, on which everyone plays well is the best gift on this special day!

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