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Most romantic places in Vienna - Ideas for romantic things to do

Most romantic places in Vienna - Ideas for romantic things to do


Vienna is beautiful, but even more beautiful when you discover it as a couple. We have selected the most extraordinary, and above all, most romantic places and ideas for a wonderful time for two in Vienna.


It is not for nothing that Vienna has been named the most livable city in the world repeatedly. Vienna is simply beautiful and offers something for everyone - also or especially for lovers or those in love. Nowhere else can you take your loved one to dinner in special places, experience unique activities for two and share kisses in the most beautiful settings. In addition to great escape room games, such as Open The Door Vienna, where you can even play a partner game, there are countless ways to surprise your loved one. Here our list of romantic things to do in Vienna:

1. Romantic Idea - Kissing in the “Volksgarten”

Romantic Evening in Vienna -

To name the most romantic places in vienna we need to mention the Volksgarten (“peoples garden”). It  is a nice place in Vienna and especially worth a visit in late spring or summer. During this time 1000 of roses bloom in competition and want to be examined - if that's not romantic, then we don't know what is! The garden also offers enough space for a romantic picnic for two or to simply let the sun shine on your face and let spring or summer feelings come up and enjoy intimate time together.

2. Romantic Evening in Vienna - dinner at the Danube Tower

If we wanna talk about romantic things to do in Vienna, we need to talk about its cuisine. The capital offers countless options for romantic dining. From the Turm-Restaurant on top of the 252 m high tower, you can see all of Vienna above the clouds. The restaurant slowly rotates 360° and offers a breathtaking view of the whole city - combined with a sunset that is quite impressive, it will certainly make your heart beat faster.

The viewing platform also offers a great selfie opportunity,  so that you can capture your romantic moments in the best possible way.

3. Romantic Idea - Traditional viennese food places or so called “Heurige

Most romantic ideas in Vienna -

Vienna is known for its “Heurigen” - where you can enjoy wine and delicious traditional delicacies. These contain mostly cold meat and cheese plates and from regionally grown farmers. Together with traditional music and singing, every summer night becomes a very special and extremely cozy experience! Vienna was and has always been famous for the chilled songs, where people come together in gardens and sing and repeat songs with a glass of wine. 

The wine taverns are located in the outskirts in the 21st and 19th districts.

You can also combine your visit with a tour in the Heurigen Express. The train runs on the weekends from April to October and takes you to the Vienna Woods, on the Kahlenberg, a small mountain on the border of the city. You can comfortably enjoy the surroundings, marvel at old Vienna with its villas and vineyards. Getting on and off is possible at any time and also offers space for long walks in this beautiful and rural part of the capital of Austria. 

4. Romantic Idea - Let yourself be inspired by the “kiss”

Romantic things to do in Vienna -

If you are looking for the artsy side of Vienna romantic things to do, you can discover Gustav Klimt's famous art work. “The kiss”  is actually on display in the Vienna Belvedere and can be admired there. What other people come to from afar to see, Viennese can access all the time and can be inspired by this world-famous painting. The palace and the Belvedere complex are also worth a visit and extremely beautiful. about a kiss in front of the kiss? 

5. Romantic Idea - Boat trip in the Park of Castle Laxenburg

Romantic Evening in Vienna - Open The Door

Yes, we are writing about the most romantic places in Vienna and Laxenburg is actually already in lower Austria, but on the border to the capital. It is one of the most romantic thing to do, so please forgive us to break the rule for this purpose.

Laxenburg Castle and the Castle Park are really worth a visit. Here, strolling through the up to the 13th century. Time will fly on your stroll through the gardens that date historically back and are closely related to the Habsburg dynasty. Many cozy places invite you to linger. If you want, you can also take a guided tour (even in the moonlight in the evening!) Or borrow a boat and explore the 25-hectare castle pond with its seven islands. If you don't feel comfortable on the water, you can also explore the park with a slow train. There are even ice skating opportunities in winter.

So many possibilities guarantee to make every romantic heart beat faster!

6. Romantic Idea - Brunch in Vienna

Whether on Kahlenberg im  “Himmel” (engl. heaven), in the 6th district in the “Oben” (up) or in the 7th district at the Caffe Latte - brunch makes every heart beat faster and the way to the heart goes through the stomach, as an Austrian saying remarks. 

Incidentally, we can warmly recommend the latter (Cafe Latte)! Brunch always takes place on weekends and holidays and promises to feast until you fall from your chair - or at best for several hours. The word brunch comes from the English breakfast and lunch and means exactly that. With this extensive pampering program you can really get to know each other or enjoy the finally earned time together. Brunching is also fun with friends (e.g. as a double date). In the Caffe Latte there is a huge buffet that leaves nothing to be desired, but also, for example: the vegan brunch in the super great “Weltkaffee” (world coffee)  in Schwarzspanierstraße offers a delicious option.

7. Romantic Idea - A ride in the ferris wheel - RIESENRAD

Romantic Places in Vienna - Open The Door

The Giant Ferris Wheel is THE landmark of Vienna and there is enough time for togetherness on a ride in the legendary red gondolas. Seeing Vienna from above alone is worth the climb to the top.

If you want something very romantic, you can even eat in the ferris wheel. From breakfast to Svarowski dinner or a coffee time, everything is possible. Those who want (or can) afford this (prices from 162 €) can do so in winter and summer, because the wagons are heated or air-conditioned and promise an extraordinary experience that will surely not be forgotten anytime soon. We think that is one of the most romantic things to do in Vienna at all - don't miss it! 

8. Romantic Idea - Fiaker ride for two

Ideas for romantic things to do in Vienna - Open The Door

What the gondolas are in Venice, the “Fiakers” are in Vienna. The traditional horse-drawn carriage takes you through the center of Vienna, over the Ring, past the most famous sights of the capital of Austria. The Viennese are used to the companions, even if they occasionally trigger some traffic jams. A carriage ride like this is really romantic, especially in the evening at sunset. You can choose the duration. Most of the riders are dressed very traditionally to remind of the time when Vienna was a center of aristocracy. Most trips start right in front of St. Stephen's Cathedral in the center of Vienna.

9. Romantic Idea - Look at the Universe at Urania

Vienna most romantic places - Open The Door

The oldest but still very modern star observatory right next to Schwedenplatz makes the romantic evening for two extraordinary. Look at the stars together and dream -what could be nicer? There are also guided tours for couples. In addition, a dinner (3 or 4 courses) is offered that can be enjoyed under the starry sky.

10. Romantic Idea - Sip cocktails in the PALM HOUSE, be amazed in the BUTTERFLY HOUSE

The most romantic places in Vienna - Open The Door Escape Room

A dream in summer and winter. Surrounded by greenery and tropical plants, a cocktail can be enjoyed even more.

Breakfast is also available for those who don't want to have fun in the evening.

A detour to the butterfly house is also worthwhile, because there are countless types of unique butterflies that you don't see every day and are sure to provide a lot of conversation and wonderful moments.


11. Romantic Idea -Discover the Lobau (DANUBE wetlands) and the alluvial forest by boat

Romantic Ideas Vienna - Open The Door

This tour is something very special! With your own National Park boat you go along the Vienna Danube Canal past the Prater meadows. The start is right at Schwedenplatz and it's incredibly exciting to see the canal from below (instead of from above as usual). The journey goes to the southern tip of the Danube Island in the Danube-Oder-Canal Basin and on to the landing stage in the “Lobau”.

During the journey, a lot is explained and made known. In Lobau itself there is a 60-minute tour through the national park. The alluvial forest is home to many creatures, e.g. beavers, birds and insects and is a complex and sensitive ecosystem.

After the educational hike, you will return to the city center by boat.

The duration of this detailed excursion is around 4 hours and costs € 13 per person for adults.


With these 11 ideas we hope to have given you enough suggestions for the time being to be able to spend a romantic time for two in Vienna. Of course, this is only a part of the numerous possibilities that the Austrian Capital has to offer. We hope we were able to inspire you and look forward to your comments and ideas.

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