Number of players: 2-6 people / Time of the game: 60/80 minutes / Location: Vienna / Ticket price: 19-30€ per person
FAQ from our customers to a game master –

FAQ from our customers to a game master –


Just to fulfill your curiosity, we created a list of question you frequently ask us. Will not help you with a game, but might be quite interesting.

Is it possible to escape on time?

Question always asked by groups after the game if they didn't succeed :) The answer is yes - we try our best that our rooms are logical, and possible to finish on time. Which doesn't mean the game has to be easy and everybody should make it. Otherwise, where is the challenge and fun? 

Are there people who are not escaping within 60 minutes? 

Again YES, and it's totally ok. First of all it's about having fun :) There has to be some balance. We need to challenge people who played a lot of times, and in the same time there needs to be a chance that a first time playing family f.e. mother with a 10 year old son will be able to finish the game. That's why we have some level of difficulties to choose (just an overview, players can have their all comparison and think differently). People without any experiance often struggle in our most difficult room, and need a lot of help to escape within 60 minutes. 

Is it possible to escape without any help? 

Once again - yes :) It doesn't happen very often, but it does. We believe that rooms need to be logical and possible to handle without any help. If there is an element in the room which everybody finds difficult and a help from the game master is necessary, that element is replaced or somehow changed. Mostly those kind of situation happens only during testing games before the room starts to give a service. However, we always listen to your feedback, and we will try our best to make sure that in the end, after the game everything will be clear, and you will find it logical. 

How often do you completely change your scenarios?

Not so often! New scenarios need a lot of preparation and have to be well thought through. Looks like we will try to change the room every 1,5 year. 

Are there more rooms in one scenario which we need to beat?

You should not ask that question, and we don't want to give you an answer. It's more fun not to expect it and be surprised ;) We believe that most of you like it more, and we try not to dissapoint you! Just for you to know - I played a lot of extremely good scenarios, which took place only in one space.

Are you laughing while watching the groups?

Let's be honest... of course there are situation when you laugh as a game master. Some of you just have such a unique solution for the puzzles we've prepared :) But there is no way, we sit in front of the PC and laugh that you are struggling during the game, and find you being stupid. We want you to have fun, and we are happy when you are ! 

Are you preparing the rooms on your own?

Yeap ! Our games are conceived and implemented by us. That means, you will not find it somewhere else. We don't buy any puzzles, fixed scenarios or technical elements from companies which are selling ready elements for escape the rooms (Not only because it means the element might be repeated somewhere else, but mostly because we simply enjoy to do it on our own). In the same time we constantly work on our existing rooms, and try to add something which you might like more. The torture chamber was a way different one year ago, when you compare it with now. 


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