Number of players: 2-6 people / Time of the game: 60/80 minutes / Location: Vienna / Ticket price: 19-30€ per person
How to get out from an escape room? –

How to get out from an escape room? –


The average success rate at Open The Door is around 50%, and only about 6% of groups solving the challenge without any help from the game master. How to beat the room? Planning to play your first escape game? Or you want to get better ? Here you will find some useful tips, which help you at our place, but of course not only!  

Before the game

Let's start from the beginning :) Before your adventure will start you will listen to the introduction from the game master. It gives you a lot of clues how to act in the game. Listen closely ! For example if you will know that you shouldn't move any furnitures, it means you shouldn't do it and there is nothing behind those ! If you know that the key opens just one lock, you don't need to try 5 other key locks in the room if you've already used it. Don't lose your time for things which will not help you.

Comunicate with each other ! 

Comunication between you and your team mates is the key to succeed. At first... do I have to mention that you should go to an escape the room with people you actually like? Your mood also matters! For sure you need to talk with each other, inform what you've found, and when you actually solve something. Everybody in the room should know about all of the clues so yell out loudly what you've found or do. At least 50% of the groups are not doing that, and we watch people trying to crack the code, which was already solved ! Remember that it is a team game.

Discover the room

Search closely - turn things upside down, look inside of books, care about the details. It's good when more then one person checks each item. 'You can leave it, I've checked it already' doesn't really work in that game. You can oversee something easily, so better to check twice and best when it will be done by somebody else! Look at the ceiling, walls, furnitures (also from the side, not only from the front). Pick out the elements in the room which are just to distract you. Not everything which you will find in the room will be useful. Share your ideas with the team, even if they sound crazy! Spread and work on something else than the others.

Be active 

Try your best to be in rush from the beginning of the game, have fun and be enthusiastic! It's helping a lot when you are excited and into the game! Escape the room is not about sitting on the floor and thinking deeply what is the next step. It's not sudoku, level hard. Puzzles are not extremely difficult, but to combine elements, and figure out how to go forward is the biggest difficulty. It's all about finding related items and putting them together. So, if you are trying something for a few minutes and you still didn't succeed you can be more then suspicious that something is wrong. Are you sure it is the next step? Maybe some element is missing? Are you doing it in a correct way?

Your experiance from the other rooms might not help you!

Each provider focuses on something else. Basicly means, don't expect to find similarities. Obviously I'm not talking about decoration or riddles. It's about the 'style' of the room. Can be completely different. Some rooms have a lot of technic elements, others are very interactive or focused on solving riddles, linear or nonlinear. The point is if you played already it can help you, but not necessary! Be open minded.

Ask for help!

If you are stuck in the game for longer and have the feeling you are not really moving forward it's better to ask for help. Each provider does it in a different way, which means you might get a hint when the game master will decide you need one, but in the other games you will have to ask on your own. In that case better not to wait for to long! It's not a shame to ask! 

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